Wednesday, 16 June 2010

(Un)Fairness Commission

One Nottingham has announced in its latest bulletin that it is to establish a 'Fairness Commission' (see page 4).

According to a report prepared for ON the Fairness Commission's role will be -

" research, promote and hold One Nottingham accountable on issues of equality and diversity."

The Bulletin announces that it will be chaired by Cllr Hassan Ahmed.

I'm sorry but has everyone gone mad? Hassan Ahmed in charge of a Fairness Commission? The very same Hassan Ahmed who decided at a stroke to end the funding for one of Nottingham's major anti-discrimination organisations whilst keeping the reasons secret? Hassan Ahmed, who was caught red handed by the Evening Post failing to declare a number of business interests and as a result was found guilty of breaching the Members' Code of Conduct by the Standards Board for England? Who, having been found guilty, not only failed to apologise to local taxpayers and the council but issued a bombastic and blatantly bullshit statement to the press claiming that he had been exonerated  and that the Standards Board had found that he had 'no case to answer'? Who, despite being arrested for a serious crime, kept this secret and failed to stand down from his portfolio holder position until, again, the Post rumbled him? (should make it clear that he was not subsequently charged)

Yeah, he sounds like the ideal person for the job. Dishonest and secretive, he should know a lot about fairness.

This seems to be a continuation of a trend in NCC of promoting crooks, following Cllr Grocrook's elevation to Lord Mayor. Does it always have to be this way?


Anonymous said...

And the same Hassan Ahmed who was listed as a trustee of Nottingham Equal until just before he took the decision to pull NNREC's funding.

Couldn't be any connection with this appointment though surely?

Anonymous said...

Sorry the NNREC is now called the Council for Equality and Human Rights... but you know who I meant...