Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Solution is Obvious

Further to my post last week about NCC having trouble retaining children's social workers.

The problem is apparently that nearby 'failing' authorities have upped their pay scales in order to attract social workers and not be failing any more. So, what to do?

NCC's solution to this problem is (stop it, you're ahead of me) RECRUIT A CONSULTANT! Costing nearly £40k!! Go NCC with your radical solutions.

Hang on, couldn't the money just be spent on...oh, never mind...


Anonymous said...

Interesting that one of the options they've already considered is to raise salaries to compete with those of neighbouring authorities... and they came up with that without the help of a consultant.

This smacks of totally unnecessary initiative and a degree of common sense completely foreign to the city council. I hope, for the sake of all of Nottingham's consultants, that this isn't the start of a trend.

Andy said...

The consultant is probably being brought in to find ways of doing anything but raise salaries.