Friday, 1 July 2016

Anti-Corbyn Councillors

Labourlist has published a letter from 500+ local councillors calling on jeremy Corbyn to stand down as leader of the Labour Party. A small number are from Nottingham City Council and I list them below;

Alex Norris (Basford)

David Trimble (Dunkirk and Lenton)

Nick McDonald (Bulwell Forest)

Sam Webster (Wollaton East and Lenton Abbey)

Steve Young (Clifton South)

Toby Neal (Berridge)

Brian Parbutt (Sherwood)

Nicola Heaton (Bridge)

I provide these details merely for information, you may wish to write to them (politely is best) if you are a constituent and/or remember them when the next election comes up in 2019.

Update; just checking this again following reports that the list was partly fiction. As far as NCC is concerned there are a couple of additions added above