Thursday, 10 July 2014

Nottingham Labour - Tories in Disguise

As many of you will know the three main public sector unions, along with the NUT, have called a 24 hour strike today.

Here's what council leader Jon Collins of the 'People's Party' had to say about that -

"We understand that people are upset about the reduction in living standards as pensions are eroded and pay hasn't kept up with inflation. However, workers across the private and public sector are in the same position and we don't believe that strike action that closes schools, inconveniences parents and loses pupils a day's education is the best way forward."

Who needs Tories eh?

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Councillor Resigns Labour Whip

Big news!

Strange that there's been nothing in the Post about this but it seems that Cllr Emma Dewinton has resigned the Labour whip and now sits as an independent.

I just noticed this now in a report to full council about the resultant rejigs to committee membership. Cllr Michael Edwards made a mention of it on his own blog about 3 weeks ago but I'm not a regular reader so I missed it. Here's his version of her reasons for resigning -

"The gist being the Labour party nationally had not got enough detailed policy and we needed to go into more detail at the council.

And that the scrutiny of detail is being undermined by Labour having too large a majority on the council."

Re that last bit; it's not the large majority in itself that undermines scrutiny, it's the willingness of certain high-ups to exploit that majority to cover things up. Like dodgy council house deals...

Wonder if she'll be joining the Nottingham Independence Party?