Monday, 14 June 2010

CEHRNN are Fighting Back

There was a report in the 'Post' recently saying that The Council for Equality and Human Rights Nottm and Notts were challenging NCC over the decision to stop their funding. However, apart from saying the challenge was based on an opinion that the decision should have been made by a committee there wasn't much info.

I was interested to know what the nature of their challenge was so I emailed them to ask and one of their board members rang me today, which was good of her.

It seems that CEHRNN have started action for a judicial review of the decision made by Cllrs Ahmed and Chapman. Well, I say CEHRNN have but, as is standard practice, one of their service users has done so on their behalf. Doing it this way means that, if the action is unsuccessful, the service user's legal aid will cover the costs. This is possible if the service user can be said to have sufficient legal standing in the issue, something normally accepted by the courts for someone who is reliant on the service that would be lost or adversely affected.

And I am actually quite proud to say that the basis for the action is that it was unconstitutional for the decision to be made as a portfolio holder decision, as I had suggested in a previous posting here. You'll be pleased to hear that, as it's such a good cause, NCCLols has waived its (normally considerable) consultancy fee on this occasion, because deep down I'm such a nice guy!

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