Friday, 25 June 2010

How About Some Good Old Zero Tolerance?

I reckon this is one for Nottingham City Homes to have a look at, and maybe the police too.

There's a somewhat alarming report on Notts Indymedia by somebody who saw a couple of nazi flags being flown from the window of one of the Victoria Centre flats.

The photo in the report isn't as clear as it could be so there may be an element of taking the report author's word for it but presuming  the flags are as stated, i.e. a white power one and an AWB emblem then I suspect that somebody may well be in breach of their tenancy agreement at the least and is probably committing a public order offence.

Now this may be entirely unconnected but, as the comment below the article states, failed BNP Parliamentary candidate for Nottingham North just happens to live in the flats. I have no idea whether that's his flat the flags are flying from but presumably NCH does. And if it's not his I presume it shouldn't be too difficult for them to work out which flat it is and pop round for a visit.

It's funny because normally council officials are very quick to go and remove unauthorised banners in the name of combatting anti-social behaviour, as a little old lady in Clifton and the odd local campaign group would be able to testify. Maybe they haven't got a head for heights?

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