Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The Bridge Estate

NCC has had a good old telling off by the District Auditor for its administration of the Bridge Estate, a registered charity which was established in antiquity to raise money for repairs to bridges across the Trent.

The accounts were so inadequate that the audit cost NCC (i.e. you and me) an extra £3.5k in fees to pay for work chasing stuff up. A more serious failing was somewhat tartly revealed in the DA's following comment on the 'public benefits statement' which is required by the Charity Commission but was initially left out -

"The public benefits statement subsequently added to the statements is very limited, particularly in view of the charity's transfer of £1.5m to the council."


The Audit Committee acts as the trustees on behalf of NCC on a day to day basis, or rather they don't as that seems to be another complaint expressed by the DA. Doesn't bode well if the committee charged with ensuring NCC's financial propriety can't even draw up proper accounts or comply with Charity Commission guidelines.

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