Wednesday, 9 June 2010

In Tesco We Spend...Whether We Like it or Not

There's a helluva hullabaloo (don't ask me to say that out loud) brewing between NCC and Tesco at the moment and you have to admit it couldn't happen to two nicer organisations.

The 'Post' is reporting that Deputy Leader Graham Chapman is ruffling his feathers about Tesco "carrying on regardless" - "regardless" by George! - with its Eastside superstore plans despite planning officer 'advice' that it is unlikely to get planning permission.

This could be for one of two reasons. One, if you believe the developer behind the Trinity Square carbuncle, NCC planning officers' advice isn't worth a great deal. Alternatively, it could be because Tesco is a huge multinational conglomerate which could spend NCC back into the sea many times over and therefore has a lot less to lose from an expensive planning dispute.

If Cllr Chapman is unhappy with this state of affairs he may wish to mention it to the national leadership of his party which, once it had been taken over by accountants (like Cllr Chapman), lawyers and city folk, promptly sold out to capitalism leaving big business with the run of the place.

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