Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Notts Police Authority Arses and Elbows Mix-Up

You gotta love the NPA. One minute they're proudly announcing the appointment of an expensive new 'change management' team*, a new Deputy Chief Constable and two new Assistant Chief Constables (the latter meaning an increase from two to three in total), someone has to come along and point out how they've got it all wrong.

At NPA's recent 'Finance and Business' committee meeting, a report was considered that said, in no uncertain terms, that compared with similar forces, Notts Police was somewhat top heavy. Overburdened with senior officers and not enough beat coppers. Too many chiefs not enough indians, that sort of thing. Here's a quote -

"The Force’s Business Information Pack produces analysis of the rank mix of the Force. This shows that a comparable MSF would be structured significantly differently from Nottinghamshire Police. A comparable MSF has approximately 50 more PC’s with lower numbers in all other more senior ranks.

The Business Support Team presented a paper at the February Best Use of Resources meeting showing that if the rank mix was akin to that of the MSF, an extra 45 – 60 PCs/DCs could be recruited. Alternatively, the same total Officer Establishment could be maintained for significantly reduced cost."

Oh. 45-60 extra coppers is quite a few.

We haven't got the minutes yet so we have yet to find out what JoCo and his mates made of this heresy.

*We've pointed out before that the new change manager Alan Given is one of JoCo's mates but it also includes a new 'head of Consultation and Communications' who in turn is Steve Youdell, a mate of Alan Given's.

And yet NPA already employs a Communications Policy Officer. How much 'communicating' do they expect to be doing?

And while we're here, a big hat tip to Alan a Dale who spotted that 'independent' NPA member Steff Webber may well be connected to a Steff Webber who happens to work at NCC as an Interim Area Manager in St Anns. She doesn't actually mention this in her NPA profile. St Anns is, of course, Jon Collins' manor.

I wonder who she voted for in the recent election for the Chair of the NPA?

Update - Here is the Post's take on this. Funny, I was sure they wrote about this last week but when I tried to look for it I couldn't find it. Unless I'm developing psychic powers...

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