Friday, 4 June 2010

Always Happy to Help...

I've been getting a small number of hits from a Nottingham City Council address via a Google search for

"Prepare a brief report identifying the main business activities of nottingham city council"

Rather looks like someone's going for an internal job application doesn't it?

By an extraordinary coincidence the 'Appointments and Conditions of Service' committee is meeting to discuss the recruitment to the Corporate Director for Communities post which emerged from the top level restructure that has already done for Sallyanne 'Shit for Brains' Johnson and Barry Horne. The post has been caretakered by Michael Williams who, pre-restructure, was known as the Corporate Director for Community and Culture. His role included, among many other things I've no doubt, making a brief but costly and pointless appearance at my employment tribunal hearing.

Ok, I'm obviously linking the two purely for the purposes of humour but the mental image I have of Williams trying to fill in his application form via google just wouldn't go away and the resulting fantasy that he found stuff here to use made me giggle.

So I'm concluding that Williams is being required to apply for his own job, the background being that a colleague jumped before she was pushed and another failed to make the grade. He might be excused for feeling a little edgy. Do you think this has anything to do with Mr Williams' sterling support for JoCo at the recent 'Call-in Sub-Committee' hearing into the Radford Unity Complex fiasco?

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