Thursday, 29 April 2010

Notts Police Authority Meeting Today

There is a further meeting of NPA today to discuss, amongst other things, the appointment of Alan Given to the 'Change Manager' post. This should have been decided at the previous meeting but members got the jitters over his contract.

The main bit of extra info that seems to have come out is that NPA are only getting 184 days for their £143k which seems to imply a four day week. That works out to £780/day.

However, there is a further report before the meeting which, for the first time as far as I can see, actually mentions the two assistants due to be appointed. These posts are a Head of Policy Development and a Head of Consultation and Communications. The 'Post' has reported that these posts have been 'earmarked' for former CDP bods Steves Spear and Youdell.

These are the two that I chickened out of naming last week. I hear whisperings that Mr Spear is not universally popular and it seems that wherever Alan Given goes, Steve Youdell is only a few steps behind.

The 'Post' also reports NPA member Prof Simon Holdaway's own disquiet about the processes being used to shoehorn JoCo's mates into powerful roles at NPA.

Update - 'Post' reports that Given is formally appointed, with his contract to be reviewed at 6 months. Also his two sidekicks agreed but their posts to be externally advertised at 6 months.

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