Thursday, 15 April 2010

Collins Connections

I'm already starting to tire of writing about JoCo but the truth is he gets everywhere so it's difficult to avoid. He's been in the news a bit recently but more on that later.

I doubt that many people have noticed but 'One Nottingham' seems to have been surviving with an 'acting' Chief Exec for rather a long time. Andrew Belkin left back in October 09, about 20 minutes after JoCo installed himself as Chair (there's usually a change in Chief Exec when Collins rocks up as chair of an organisation) and Nigel Cooke, who was previously the 'Head of One Nottingham Team' took over pretty much straight away. Approaching May 2010 and he's still there with no news of any effort to start a recruitment process proper.

Cooke was previously an Assistant Director (what would be called a Director now) in Neighbourhood Services at NCC but I don't think he survived the cull in 2004/5 when they all had to reapply for their jobs. But as you can see, he seems to be doing alright now.

It just so happens that Cooke is one of JoCo's oldest bezzy mates. Obviously no need to rush into a transparent recruitment process when you've already got the right man for the job in place.

Moving on to Notts Police Authority. Collins is apparently Chair of their 'Change Management Board' which I didn't know about before. They've recently appointed a new 'Change Manager' Alan Given. Given was previously Chief Exec of Nottingham's 'Crime and Drugs Partnership'. Guess who the Chair of that organisation is? Yup, it's Mr Collins.

Yesterday, the 'Post' reported on the dismissal of Jason Zadrozny, Lib Dem PPC for Asfield, from the Authority on the grounds of lack of attendance. For some reason JoCo was wheeled out to justify the decision which suggested that his fingerprints were all over the decision. Zadrozny is apparently a genuine threat to Labour in the election so it's a weird coincidence that a Labour member seems to be involved in his removal from the authority, a story that can only help Labour's chances on 6 May. Mind you, more fool Zadrozny for giving them the opportunity.

So more's the pity that any efforts that JoCo has made for the common Labour good appear to have gone unrewarded. Despite running what the 'Post' describes as a 'vigorous campaign', (which wouldn't have affected any of his 'proper jobs natch) culminating in a trip to Birmingham for his interview (my God they're really putting him through the mill), he failed to secure the nomination for Nottingham East.

Fact; of the three meetings of Nottingham CDP in 2009 of which I can find the minutes, it appears that JoCo didn't make it to any of them. Prior to stepping in as Chair he was the Vice Chair.


The Merry Man said...

Thats another fine mess they`ve got themselves into.

Anonymous said...

Chair of 'Change Management Board?

A perfect role for JoCo. Given the number of chief execs and other senior managers he's seen off, he must know more about change management than anyone in the city.