Thursday, 1 April 2010

I'm Going to Stand For Election! - Am I 'Eck as Like!

This is, of course, an April Fool. Mock executions at the Galleries of Justice? Not sure that would pass the 'family friendly' test.

Sadly, the Eve Post don't seem to have featured my press release. Whether that's because they just wouldn't be interested or whether they saw through it I don't know.

My apologies to Friar Muck in the comments and to one of my followers on the Facebook page. Oh yes, and of course to one current City Councillor who did the hook, line and sinker thing.

Update - A good sport tweets...

Ok, I know it's over a year until the next elections for Nottingham City Council but I've decided to stand for election as a councillor on an anti-sleaze type ticket.

I've sent out a press release in the following terms -

"Nottingham Blogger Announces Plan to Run for Election to City Council as 'Anti-Sleaze' Candidate

The next Nottingham City Council elections may be more than a year away but Nottingham Blogger Andy Platt, author of the 'Nottingham City Council LOLs' blog, has already announced plans to run for election to Nottingham City Council in 2011 on an 'anti-sleaze' ticket.

“Having experienced the way the council operates at first hand, I feel I can make a difference by challenging the cosy status quo and make real changes' said Andy. “I will do my utmost to prevent such scandals as community groups being thrown onto the street and council workers unjustly being forced out of their jobs.”

Andy also plans to campaign for greater recognition of Nottingham's past history of radical politics.

“Nottingham elected the only Chartist MP in 1847. In 1831 there were serious riots triggered by the Duke of Newcastle's decision to vote against parliamentary reform and the castle was burnt down in the protests. We celebrate Robin Hood so why can't we celebrate that? I would want the Council to sponsor a commemorative day on the 9 October, the day the riots took place. We could have fireworks from the Castle and the Galleries of Justice could perhaps stage mock executions to recognise the three rioters who were put to death.”

Andy will be looking for volunteers to help with his campaign. Further plans will be published to the blog in the next few days.


Notes for Editors

1. The 'Nottingham City Council LOLs' blog can be found at

2. In November 2009 Andy successfully took Nottingham City Council to an employment tribunal for constructive unfair dismissal, after resigning his job as Team leader in August 2008."


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