Sunday, 25 April 2010

No Smoking

A quick look at the 'Nottstalgia' forums brings forth a serious tale of woe which calls into question NCC's consistency in enforcing environmental issues. Have a look at this video of what these folks have got at the bottom of their garden.

According to the ever lengthening thread on this issue, this is a firm called 'Surewood Joinery' on Kett St in Bulwell.

As can be seen from the vid, the chimney was originally much taller so the smoke blew away nicely on the breeze. However, according to the poster (and I have to say I have no way of knowing the exact nature of what was said) NCC advised the company to reduce the height of the chimney as otherwise it would need planning permission. The result? Well, let's just say, applying a positive spin on things, the householders could probably start up a thriving kipper smoking business...

What's not in dispute is that the residents have made numerous attempts to get NCC to do something about it but to no avail. There are copies of some of the correspondence in the forum thread if you fancy ploughing through it. Apparently various elected representatives have been approached with little interest being shown.

And, consistent with their new role as community champions the Nottingham North Tory candidate Martin Curtis has joined in. Fair play to him for that, although I'm not sure how much a Labour council will listen to a Tory PPC with next to no chance of winning on May 6th.

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