Wednesday, 21 April 2010

All Those Recently Appointed to Notts Police Authority Please Step Forward - Not So Fast Mr Given

Well, first Alan Given is appointed as 'Change Manager' for NPA and then the 'Post' reports that he isn't. Not quite anyway, as the NPA decided only to agree his appointment 'in principle' pending further details of his employment contract.

Except that, technically, it won't be an employment contract because he isn't going to be employed directly. NPA will in fact be entering into a contract of service with 'Given Performance Ltd', Mr Given's 'executive coaching and performance improvement' company. I'm sure this wasn't a factor in the decision but that is of course, a nicely tax efficient arrangement for him, nice work if you can get it.

But back to this business of whether he has been appointed or not. According to JoCo's Change Management Board's Terms of Reference, appointments to senior positions remain within the gift of the NPA itself and is not delegated to the CMB. So why did the CMB go and appoint a new Change Manager and announce it on the NPA website? And, considering Given left his post at the CDP at the end of March, the above apparent uncertainty presumably means he's jobless and engaged in a bit of voluntary work for the community, how public spirited! Although, being in the Collins inner circle, I suspect he'll be ok in the end, and of course NPA is bound to agree his appointment eventually which was presumably the purpose of JoCo's fait accompli.

Another little thing. The 'Post' mentions that Given is also going to get two assistants who will be paid a further £110k between them. Now these posts were not mentioned in the committee paper on Given's appointment that was presented to the NPA. So, not content with attempting to bounce the NPA into appointing his mate, JoCo then said "Oh, I forgot to mention, I've appointed, sorry, what I meant to say was, please will you consider appointing a couple of assistants to help in this great task that is called change?"

Funnily enough I've been told who these assistants will be but I'm not really into naming them until it's made public, as it could get a bit sticky. For now, let's just say that their background will do nothing to dispel the 'jobs for the boys' accusations.

PS. The NPA also ratified the decision to boot out Lib Dem PPC for Sherwood Jason Zadrozny for not attending enough meetings. Not attending meetings is a bit of a political glass house for JoCo, hope to have more on that soon.


Anonymous said...

Just posted on this one myself but, as usual, you've got all the details.

Nice work.

Anonymous said...

Just looked at the Given Performance website (you'd think he'd know that Givenperformance isn't one word wouldn't you?)and it seems one of his many skills is reputation management.

I have a feeling he may need that soon.

Andy said...

If he spends too much time hanging around with JoCo he'll have time for little else.

Incidentally, one skillset that Given Performance lacks is website design. Try hitting the homepage link on there and consider that's what you'd normally land on.

He needs to do some work on SEO too.

Janet said...

No company house number and no VAT number on the web site. Both required, as I understand it, on company websites.