Saturday, 17 April 2010

How Much? Pt 58

The 'Post' has today revealed that Alan Given (see previous post) is to be paid £143,500 pa in his job as 'Change Manager' at Notts Police Authority. That just about puts him up there with a Corporate Director at the City Council, give or take a lunch or two.

Again Collins was wheeled out to do the PR in a carefully thought out masterstroke which should nip in the bud any persistent rumours that he was behind a shoe-in for one of his mates.

Slightly alarming is the news that this is the same salary package that he got as Chief Exec of the Crime and Drugs Partnership, which as far as I can see, is little more than a talking shop designed to keep some of the shadier deals away from the relatively* open and accountable NCC committees.

The CDP is not exactly the most open of organisations. If you look on its website there's prescious little information about its governance and finance. They don't even publish the minutes to their own meetings, you have to go over to the NHS Nottingham City website to find any of those and I couldn't find a complete set there.

*And I do mean RELATIVELY


The Merry Man said...

All lining their pockets with our cash..twats!!!

Colin Barratt said...

I have only just come across this Blog, I congratulate you on the investigative work you are doing. I would be interested in talking with you directly as I am involved in a couple of community campaigns and would appreciate your 'take' on what we are up against!
My e-mail is