Saturday, 24 April 2010

Naughty NCH Van Driver

Not the worst thing Nottingham City Homes has ever done I admit but here we see a NCH van parking half on the pavement.

In theory this constitutes two offences. Firstly, driving on the pavement (after all, how else did it get there?) and secondly, obstruction. Should any officialdom wish to take this up the picture was taken yesterday at about midday on Saxondale Drive. It was in full view of at least one of the CCTV cameras there. I won't hold my breath.

As far as I'm concerned, NCH and NCC are one and the same. NCH was created simply to please a bunch of accountants and all housing stock is still owned by NCC. What's more, NCC's CCTV team pass information to NCH not, as you might reasonably expect, to fight crime but to grass on tenants keeping pets without permission and other tenancy breaches. I'm quite sure that this is a breach of the Data Protection Act.

But of course if you leave something considerably smaller than a van on the pavement, let's say, a wheelie bin for example, or one of NCC's Community Wardens catches you cycling on the pavement*, you stand a pretty good chance of getting a fixed penalty.

I'll be writing more about this disgraceful 'do as I say not as I do' attitude soon.

*Not condoning cycling on the pavement btw, just using it as an example of double standards.

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