Tuesday, 7 July 2009

That Petition....please don't be put off...

I walked a friend through the process of signing my petition earlier. I have to admit it wasn't as easy as when I signed it for myself.

I'm sorry everyone, I now realise that the site may try to get you to pay them money. I must reassure you that it's not compulsory.

The way through is to sign as requested, click 'sign', and unfortunately you get taken to a 'please donate' screen with no apparent bypass route. However, if you click the 'next' button you get taken to a Paypal site but instead of putting any of your details in, look down the bottom left where there is a small link giving you the possibility of 'going back to ipetitions'. Pick this one, your signature will still work.

Please tell me of any problems you have signing the petition, including if you don't feel able to sign it due to the admittedly stupid arrangements.

And if you feel you should donate the money doesn't go to me so I'm staying out of that decision.


Anonymous said...

Seemed easy when I did it. Hope I didn't miss anything.

Andy said...

Having just signed another petition hosted by the same people it seems that once they've got a certain number of signatures they stick this pay 'option in the way and it does look like there's no choice on first look.

It's annoying cos I'm sure some people will be put off signing, its far from immediately obvious that you can bypass it.

If I'd known it would do that I would have used a different site.