Friday, 3 July 2009

Standards Committee Comings and Goings

An anonymous comment on a previous post asked what might happen to Councillor Aslam who was found to have harassed Aneela Asim, the former Chief Executive of Notts Black Partnership. Well, something may have started.

Councillor Aslam has resigned from the Standards Committee. This would presumably be the body charged with the responsibility of judging his conduct as a councillor in this matter and of course he can't sit in judgment of his own actions.

Of course I feel obliged to point out that there may be no connection whatsoever but we'll have to wait and see.

Talking of the Standards Committee, still no sign of their last meeting's minutes on NCC's website, nor of the proceedings against Councillor Brian 'he's my grandson honest' Grocock.


Anonymous said...

Aslam is a nasty piece of work & needs to go. Racial & sexual harassmennt - yet someone decided to make him the councillor responsible for 'community cohesion'. Making sure different groups of the community get on with each other - yeah right

Anonymous said...

Councillor Aslam's appointment as one of the councillors primarily responsible for community cohesion shows, once again, the ineptitude and naievity of the City Council. Their motivation in this seems to run along the lines of: "He's from an ethnic minority therefore he must be an expert on community cohesion."

His actions in respect of Ms Asim prove that anyone can be racist and discriminatory, no matter what their skin colour, nationality or religion.

The length of time the City is taking to address this issue is a scandal.