Tuesday, 14 July 2009

That A-Boards Issue I'd Forgotten About

The Post is reporting that NCC have backed down on its rather mindless plan to ban all A-boards in the City.

The Council had previously claimed that all A-boards were deadly agents of death and that any business using one should be bulldozed with the owners inside. They now accept that the problem may just lie with one or two of them and that it was a minor issue that could be sorted out by a chinwag over a cuppa and a biccy.

A dangerous city centre sign, yesterday (see how this selfish business has just placed it in the middle of the thoroughfare with no thought of passers by)

So in a radical step the council met with traders and they talked to each other. After a while they came up with the revolutionary idea of a compromise on the issue and even kept open the possibility of talking to each other again one day.

"We'd never thought of doing that" said council spokesdroid SB1. "All this time we've been handing out diktats telling people what they'll accept and it never occurred to us that one day somebody would be unhappy with that approach."

Apparently 'guidelines' will be 'drawn up' setting out what type of A-Boards are acceptable, although who's going to do the drawing up wasn't mentioned. It remains to be seen whether this touchy feely approach will continue or whether new rules will simply be imposed.

PS I want props for not calling this one 'All A-Board' or somesuch.


Anonymous said...

I applaud this innovative approach from the City Council. Flushed with their success, they may even start talking to the people who pay council tax in the city and then actually listening to what they say.

It raises the prospect (in a neat link to your previous post) that we might not need all those FoI requests in this new era of open, honest and straight-forward local government.

Politista said...

Mad props to you for not using Aboard, A-levels, or anything about sandwiches. I could not have resisted the temptation. A+ to you...

Oh, yeah.