Thursday, 23 July 2009

Roshni to Lose NCC Funding?

Getting reports via Pickled Politics that Roshni, the refuge and support service aimed at South Asian women and their children, is under threat of losing its council funding.

Details are a bit sketchy but they have a Facebook page and have set up a petition.

An alarming prospect, Nottingham can't really afford to lose ANY of its support services for women fleeing violence and while I don't necessarily subscribe to the view that every single ethnic group absolutely has to have its own little set of separate services I think there's a pretty cast iron case for a specific group providing domestic violence support for the South Asian Community.

Hopefully we'll hear more on this and be able to comment in more detail.

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Nottgirl said...

This was proposed a few months ago. Roshni are desperately trying to get people to sign a petition against this.

In fairness to Nottingham City Council, although domestic violence support services such as Roshni are desperately needed, there have been some criticisms of the services provided by Roshni by women fleeing domestic violence.