Monday, 13 July 2009

Fair Trade

I've finally decided, after a lengthy evaluation period, that Twitter is useful after all.

There are a couple of councillors on Twitter and one of them has been merrily tweeting away from today's full council meeting. Apparently NCC have just voted unanimously to support Fair Trade goods and to keep its status as a 'Fair Trade City'. Hurrah, they've done something good at last.

This counts as my monthly 'good news' story, I'll go back to being a cynical bastard now.

Update; well Twitter WAS useful until the US conservative spammers turned up.

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Anonymous said...

Credit where credit's due. Well done to the City Council for this.

However, I'd like to see them being much more proactive on this and putting pressure on public bodies where they have influence (One Nottingham, the CDP, GNP, etc, etc) to also actively support fair trade through their procurement and purchasing policies... otherwise it's just an empty gesture