Monday, 8 March 2010

A Response to my Formal Complaint

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, I submitted (several) complaints to NCC about their rather silly legal letter they sent to me to try and stop me being a naughty boy.

It seems that it's third time lucky and not only that, the reply came from Jane Todd herself. There, I knew you'd be impressed by that. And here it is -

"Thank you for your letter of complaint dated 16 February 2010.

Having looked into the matter, I acknowledge that the Council received your original letter of complaint via our website on 20 December 2009 and also a reminder dated 5 February 2010. Unfortunately, the original letter was overlooked and the reminder was not forwarded to the relevant service area. I apologise for the fact that the Council did not acknowledge your correspondence and deal with your original complaint sooner.

I have now considered the contents of Jon Ludford-Thomas’ letter to you dated 17 December 2009 on behalf of the Council and which is copied in its entirety in your letter to Cllr Collins and me dated 16 February 2010.

I do not agree, as you state, that the sole intention of the letter was intimidation of you and an attempt to silence your criticism of the Council. I consider the letter was a legitimate request, politely made, by the Council, to remove from your website and not post further potentially distressing, personal, derogatory comments regarding certain councillors and employees of Nottingham City Council. It made no threat of legal action by either the Council or the individuals in question and did not seek to restrict you further other than desisting from making personal, derogatory comments. As such I cannot agree to your demand for an apology regarding the contents of the letter.

If you still feel that this decision is wrong you can have your case looked at independently. You can contact the Local Government Ombudsman and ask them to look into the details of your case. You can use the form I have enclosed otherwise the contact details for the Ombudsman are below..."

We haven't given the NCCLols Translation Service an airing for a while so I think this is an ideal opportunity. Here we go then -

"We threw away your earlier complaints. What did you expect?

And no we're not going to apologise. Instead we'll hide behind some nonsense fiction that we were acting in good faith. Nottingham City Council never apologises. Never. NEVER!!! Do you hear?

Here's the Ombudsman's details but only because we're obliged to give them to you, don't go thinking we're going soft."

What was I saying about it being a bit early for the 'Least Surprising News...' award?

The matter has already been sent to the Ombudsman so I'll have to update them with this most recent development. Can't say I'm over optimistic about them doing anything, in my experience the Ombudsman is less than keen to criticise Local Authorities when there's a nonsense fiction they can hide behind instead.


George said...

Hi there

were are all on the same path.

check this site out for the LGO

and this for my reply to a council takedown letter

Anonymous said...

Camden Council took a different approach in trying to silence me about exposes and comments on my site - the council colluded with known trouble making lying tenant 'reps' - who told lies to the police about me and got me arrested for 'harassment' via my blog!

A kangeroo court case ensued to which I was found guilty of harassment and a restraining order imposed upon me.

The tenants who complained to the police claimed they where so distressed by a few comments on my blog about them that they couldn't sleep at night, couldn't leave the house, were in fear etc etc etc .... and the court fell for this nonsense!

At no time in 4 years did any of them ever contact me directly to request I take down any 'offending' material.

In court the prosecution relied on the lies of the tenants (how distressed they claimed they had been, on a ambigeous letter a housing officer sent round to loads of tenants about our 'behaviour' and a PCs dodgy email I received - as 'evidence' that I had been warned!but continued (with my 'awful' behaviour). This PC admitted he wasn't giving me a warning (the police have stated it was a civil matter) but the prosecution twisted such facts around.

The DC investigating the tenants complaints only arrested me after a meeting with people in Camden Council.