Monday, 22 March 2010

Radford Unity Complex - A Solution?

With a bit of luck it seems that the groups based at the 'surplus to requirements' (but not actually empty) Radford Unity Complex will not be out on the street after all.

According to a NCC press release on its website -

"The new premises are at the former Douglas Primary School in Ilkeston Road, less than a mile from their old base. The building, which is currently empty, offers similar space to Radford Unity Complex and provides a large hall, catering kitchen, an IT suite, outside play area and off-road parking and is in better condition than Radford Unity Complex..."

I hope it is as wonderful as they claim.

But it raises questions as to why a building that was still in use was labelled 'surplus to requirements' when an apparently similar property, standing empty, was not. You also have to wonder at the mentality of an organisation that runs the risk of closing apparently popular groups serving BME communities, handing their political opponents a PR gift weeks before a general election before looking down the back of their metaphorical sofa and finding them a replacement which just happens to be perfect and not currently in use. A free PR tip guys (not to mention common decency), next time, do that last bit right at the start, you'll save yourselves a lot of grief.

If I was one of the Labour Party's East Midlands strategists I think I'd be having a quiet word with Collins and his numpty squad.


Niles said...

Maybe he needs a better mentor?

Andy said...

Heh! Or a cheaper one...