Friday, 26 March 2010

JoCo to Jump out of the Small Pond?

We don't normally do stuff about MPs here but the news that John Heppell is standing down from Nottingham East at the election has significant NCC ramifications.

Not least because the stated reason for quitting, his wife Cllr Eileen Heppell's illness, means we are presumably looking at a by-election in Bulwell.

To my mind Eileen is the bigger story here and it seems a little callous that she is only meriting a footnote in the media reports. Let's hope she makes a full recovery.

Further issues surround JH's replacement, with speculation that a certain McDonalds troughing* council leader is in the running. Presumably he wouldn't see any need to resign the leadership if he were to be elected. Or his council seat. Or the Chair of 'One Nottingham'. Or the Chair of the Crime and Drugs Partnership. Or...(that's enough resignations. Ed.)

*I'm presuming that multinational burger chains weren't expected to be in attendance at MIPIM.

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Susi O'Neill said...

Oh Lordy bad news all round. From the useless to the malicious.

Heppell is my (useless) MP and seems to have only spoken in Parliament to promote the Scottish fishing industries...
Also is the No 1 rated MP for expenses for 'working away from home' despite Notts probably being in one of the lower cost areas in UK.
But naturally Collins is an either more unworthy candidate - but on the up, if he becomes an MP it will get him off Nottm Council.