Friday, 19 March 2010

Councillor Hassan Ahmed Still Not Out of the Woods

The Evening Post has today claimed that Hassan Ahmed, the Executive Portfolio Holder for employment and skills at NCC, has not been entirely straight over previous claims to have ended links to companies that constituted a conflict of interest with his council role.

Ahmed had previously been caught out not registering these interests and, on being exposed, quickly putting them on record and acting as if nothing was wrong.

Interestingly, the article reveals that Ahmed is being investigated by the Standards Board for England. Normally, investigations into councillors are looked into by NCC's Standards Committee, cases normally only go up to the national Standards Board if they are more serious and the local committee don't feel able to deal with it properly.

I've already written quite a lot about the apparent effectiveness or otherwise of the Standards Committee so it's quite reassuring that the matter has been taken out of their hands.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why they don't leave the poor man alone.

Why else do people go into politics if it's not to feather their own nests through cynical manipulation of public funding and lying to the electorate.

Give him a break, he's just trying to make a (dis)honest crust.

Janet said...

The whole system of privately run education/training organisations is highly dubious. Their main aim is to screw as much as possible out of the public purse.

Victoria College opened recently in the city. It's main business would seem to be to provide a lucrative way to circumvent the immigration regulations for "students" from the Sub-Continent.