Monday, 22 March 2010

Farmyard Animals Drafted in to Improve Neighbourhood Management in Forest Fields

This is a bit surreal.

Forest Fields councillors have agreed money to "fund a billygoat* to improve the service to the residents of Forest Fields."

No, it really says that, go and look.

Next week, the Chief Executive is replaced with a small poodle so as better to carry out the required lapdog functions for Cllr Collins. Rumours that any councillors would be replaced with farmyard animals were strenuously denied on the basis that they are all efficient enough at keeping their noses in the trough already. Arf.

*Ok, I'm presuming it's not REALLY a beardy ruminant of the male persuasion we're talking about here, although I truthfully haven't got any idea what they are actually talking about.

Update; I am told via the magic of Twitter that it's all about one of these. Which is just dull.

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