Friday, 8 May 2009

Here's One Just for the Fun of It

As I hope most people accept, a lot of what I write here is quite important. I put quite a bit of effort attempting to uncover incompetence, negligence and occasional skullduggery in our fave council.

On the other hand, occasionally I just like to take the piss. I've just been reading through some of the Councillors' 'annual reports' on their profiles and, well lets just have a look shall we?

Cat Arnold

Cat would like us to know that one of her successes is her request for a bin to be placed outside the Medical Centre on Kibworth Close. Unfortunately there is clearly an annoying little voice in her head pointing out that this is essentially bugger all because she then feels the need to add -

"Because small touches make a big difference."

Yes they do Cat. Or at least they can help you convince yourself if you haven't actually done any big touches. Like answering your emails.


Rob Lee

Rob first of all gives us a bit of history.

"I first got elected to Nottingham City Council in 2003. I was re-elected in 2007 as a Labour Councillor for Basford Ward."

Except that its a somewhat incomplete history as he forgot to finish that first sentence. Here it is now, for the first time in full -

"I first got elected to Nottingham City Council in 2003 as a Liberal Democrat, before dumping on them like a z-list Judas and jumping into bed with the Labour Party (with a short spell as an independent for the sake of appearances). I was re-elected in 2007 as a Labour Councillor for Basford Ward."

Not that its any easier to get yourself selected as a Lib Dem as opposed to a Labour Party candidate in Nottingham I'm sure.

Dick Benson

"Collectively and individually we have worked on, and dealt with, a number of issues. Though surgeries are not held, we are always available via telephone or email."

"My budget has been pooled with the other Wollaton West ward councillors, its use has yet to be finalised."

"Challenges and successes

As a member of a minority group of just 7 Councillors...the challenge is to continue to probe, scrutinise and question the Labour administration and its policies and performance, in the knowledge that whatever we achieve they retain a very substantial majority."

NCCLols translation service - "I've done bugger all."

Childish I know but its been a quiet week. I might dip in again and if there's any more with unintended comedy you'll be the first to know.

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harry said...

In my experience the Radford & Park councillors; Bull, Aslam & Khan are useless individuals that never bother to reply to residents emails...well not mine anyway !

Bull had Joker Collins' backing to be the Labour party candidiate after Three Houses Simpson stands down but (I think it was) described her as having the personality of porridge...with none of the warmth.

Keep up the good work mate.