Tuesday, 28 April 2009

CCTV in Forest Fields

(thanks to jamesholden.net/billboard)

Nottingham City Council is 'proposing' a new CCTV scheme in Forest Fields. They are planning three masts and it is being planned by NCC's Area 4 Neighbourhood Management team.

There was a recent 'consultation meeting', see the Indymedia report here by regular Indymedia contributor, journalist and photographer Alan 'Tash' Lodge. Amusingly, members of the Area 4 team objected to Alan photographing them. Alan reminded them they were they there hawking a CCTV scheme, yet objecting to being photographed themselves. Some people just walk into them don't they...

Further consultation is apparently planned on a 'by house' basis, somewhat ignoring the high level of multiple occupation in the area.

Note the start of a new Forest Fields blog, linked over there -->

More Indymedia coverage here.

Update; Forest Fields blog's own report here.

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Bent Society said...

Thanks for the heads up on the blog. I read about this in the Post last week.

Have dropped them a coment and offered our services as criminologists if they can use it.

Lets hope they can stave off the creeping CCTV quackery-assault on our dignity.