Saturday, 16 May 2009

Dinner Time

One of those comedy gold stories in the Evening Post today.

Apparently, councillors and guests were used to getting a 3 course slap up meal (sometimes including 'coq au vin' or 'pavlova', the gluttons) at council meetings but at the meeting this week they were downgraded to 'soup and sandwiches'. The full enormity of the horrors they had to endure can be summed up by the revelation that 'there was no butter for the bread'.

Seems that the big dinners were costing £1000 a time for 55 councillors plus guests but the soup and sarnies deal sets us back half that. I always thought good socialists survived on beer and sandwiches myself.

Class warrior Graham Chapman apparently said

"If I had known it was a grand a meeting I would have cut it earlier."

Well done him. Up the revolution brothers (and sisters, sorry Stan).

I'd go a step further, get meals on wheels in, let them enjoy the same culinary standards that Nottingham's housebound old people do.

Or how about going vegetarian to reduce CO2 emissions? I'm sure Veggies would be happy to sort something out.

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