Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Things Missing

Anybody heard anything more about poor old Richard Antcliff?

He was bailed until February and I would have thought a decision on whether he was to be charged would have been taken by now.

Update 40 mins later; Bloody hell, sometimes I think I'm psychic. I was just having a randon root around the NCH website and found him at their ASB Scrutiny Group meeting of 9 Feb 2009.

He introduces himself at the meeting as the Head of Community Protection whereas before he was referred to in the media as the Chief Anti-Social Behaviour Officer. However I'm not clear whether his post is NCC or NCH.

So does this mean he has been moved while his 'little difficulty' is sorted out? Has it all blown over and its just a perfectly innocent promotion?

Problem is I can't find anything about the Community Protection service on NCC's website apart from Community Protection Officers. RA does discuss CPOs at the meeting in a manner that suggests that he has some say in what they do which implies he's still NCC. There's not much about ASB either apart from the hotline to report it. Annoying...

Anybody know any more please email me or add comments.

End of update.

I'm also waiting for the minutes of the latest Standards Committee minutes on the NCC website. There was a meeting on 20 April where the Cllr Grocock issue was to get some consideration (although if memory serves it was just to appoint the sub-committee that was to hear the referral). There isn't even an agenda for the next one up.


regular reader said...

Just thought you might like to know that I googled "Nottingham City Council Executive Committee" and your site popped up at the top of the list.

Anonymous said...

I thought a guy called Andrew Errington (if that's how you spell it) was the Head of Community Protection.

Never heard of Richard Antcliffe.

Anonymous said...

It'll be interesting to see what NCC do about Mohammed Aslam following his involvement in the sexual and racial harassement of Aneela Assim of the Nottingham Black Partnership.

His feet shouldn't be touching the floor IMO.

Andy said...

@RR I think thats one advantage of using Blogger. As its part of Google you get a leg up in search results.

@Alan Andrew Errington is head of Neighbourhood Protection which may be the same thing. Follow the links in the main story to see why Richard Antcliff was/is newsworthy, although as I say its all gone suspiciously quiet now.

@Anon Its def one to watch. Not sure whether he was on the Management Committee on behalf of NCC tho which might have a bearing on his fate. Again it would be the standards committee who would deal with it but they seem to have gone top secret for now.

Anonymous said...

Richard Antcliff is Head of ASB(Chief ASB Officer) for Community Protection and still in his current role. No charges were ever made against anyone as far as I am aware - would be great if the Nottingham Evening Post actually reported facts but saying that it is a tabloid after all!

AnswerOnPostcard 11:58 02/06/09

geronimo said...

The Case against Mohammad Aslam and Najeeb Nazir has been thrown out and rubbished by an appeal judge – read the judgement here http://www.employmentappeals.gov.uk/Public/Upload/09_0332rjfhSBRN.doc
Najeeb Nazir and Mohammad Aslam are now cleared the appeal judge said the original decision was a farce
welldone Najeeb Nazir and Mohammad Aslam keep up the good community work you d

Andy said...

Fair play to them Geronimo. I'm sure I mentioned somewhere that there was an appeal going on at least but for the life of me can't think where now.

My understanding is that the case will now have to be reheard by another employment tribunal so they do still have to answer the allegations. Mind you I agree that the EAT gave a hefty steer on the way that should go. If you find out the result of that before I do feel free to post it up here.

Sorry for the delay in your comment going up. It went into spam for some reason and it tokk me a while to remember how to get it out again.