Thursday, 28 May 2009

New Internet Toys

I've just come across a new website which is pretty cool. It's called Bambuser and it allows you to video stuff straight to the web from your phone near live ie only a few seconds delay.

Here's a page of someone having hours of fun demonstrating it to his work colleagues. Cool no?

A highlight is this one where we get a nice tour round this guy's office with quite a bit of coverage of other workers.

There's several more where he show's his clearly impressed collegues footage of them on the interwebs (although forgetting to mention that it's not only monitoring but recording and that it would still be there for the likes of me to dig up 12 months later), one or two where he puts his phone down so the screen goes blank and the conversation continues, presumably without the other party realising. We get to hear them discussing poor ticket sales of an unspecified event (although I think its probably NCC's 'Splendour' festival at a guess).

"There goes your privacy!" laughs our amateur filmmaker at one stage...

Hmmm, on reflection I'm not sure about the morals of this. If my manager did this I reckon I'd be pretty pissed off. I suspect this person's employer might be a little unhappy too.

So who is the lucky organisation getting snatches of its inner workings plastered over the internet and its workers data protection rights soiled? Well the fact thats it's up here should have alerted you pretty much immediately that it is, of course, Nottingham City Council. The Communications Directorate at a guess.

And the cameraman? None other than the Director of Communications, Stephen Barker.

If you see yourself in one of the videos you might want to have a word, although I suspect they won't be up there much longer...

Update; as this article is getting visitors again and tthe vids have obviously been removed (see anon comment below, wonder who that could have been?) here are a couple of screenshots

Click on em for big.


Anonymous said...

There's a link at the bottom right of each video that invites people to flag it up as 'inappropriate'. I think I could make a reasonable case for this on the grounds of complete and utter boredom as well as data protection and privacy.

I wonder how many complaints they need before they take action?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andy... do try to keep up.

Andy said...

I might....if I can be arsed.