Sunday, 5 April 2009

Union Fury at Councillor's New Job

Quite a lot of union harrumphing about Cllr Hassan Ahmed getting a new portfolio holder position in Economic Development. They seem to be particularly upset about the fact that he gets another £18k special responsibility allowance.

Quite why they haven't got upset about the Executive Assistants being paid over £5,500 pa when the Independent Remuneration Committee recommends they should only get around £2,700 pa is beyond me.

As I pointed out in the above linked earlier post the IRC had reviewed the position and recommended again that the lower amount should be paid. This was to be discussed at the full council meeting on 9 March but of course nobody noticed because of the melee over the budget.

Anyway, it now seems that we have the minutes for this meeting so lets have a look what they decided?

"RESOLVED on the motion of Councillor Collins, seconded by Councillor Chapman, that:-

(1) the recommendations of the Independent Remuneration Panel, excepting recommendation 6, be adopted in full, and they be thanked for their work on the Scheme"

Recommendation 6 was the one saying that Executive Assistants shouldn't be paid so much. There were no reasons given for the rejection of this single recommendation.

Oh and by the way, Hassan Ahmed the new Portfolio Holder was previously one of the EAs. Looks like he's doing something right...


Anonymous said...

Tis patronage. Give Hassan a job and the other Asian Labur cllrs all continue to vote for JoCo as leader.

Andy said...

Hmmm, not too sure about that. I think its a bit simplistic to assume that minorities always stick together on racial lines, especially whn your talking about politicians, a class of people willing and able to put self interest abobe any group loyalty.

My point really was that Hassan sems to be doing very well for himself when apparently he was kicked out of the Labour party for a while. I just wonder what he's had to do to get back so high up the greasy pole.