Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Positive Action

If you go over and have a look at the Nottingham City Homes site and go to the section for the Homes4Us forum, for some reason the links to the last two meeting's minutes don't work, just giving a 404 'not available'.

By a stroke of luck they were up there before and I managed to download them onto my pda but for some reason I couldn't open them. I'm now in the internet cafe and have managed to have a look.

Those for 9 January seems pretty inconsequential so not sure why they've been taken down. However, the one for 23 February contains the following news -

"At the Emergency Meeting [18 February] it was agreed that the Vice Chair should resign or be excluded"

The Vice Chair was your and my favourite BNP activist and all round beardy chump Jason Cotterill-Attaway who we wrote about before.

I'm extremely pleased that NCH have taken this decisive action and I only hope that the reason for these minutes being taken off the site isn't any kind of legal shenanigins. BNP scum have no place on committees like this and in my view only join up to try and garner respectability and push their poisonous message where it has no place.

Thats good news. I said once before that wouldn't happen here often but I'll happily write up news like this til the cows come home.

Note; the minutes are now downloadable here.

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