Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Sorry for the radio silence recently peeps.

Unfortunately NCCLols has taken a knockback in that we were broken into and the pooter was stolen. As you can imagine, this has made it a bit tricky to do proper research, update regularly etc.

The current interim measure is posting via email. I had to go to to a public internet place (a NCC one tee hee ;-D ) to set it up hence the delay.

There won't be much more from me until new equipment arrives I'm afraid but in the meantime keep a look out for Cllr Grocock who has apparently dobbed himself in to the rottweiler like Standards Committee (NCCLols passim).

By the way, I've only had one response from any of the Councillors I wrote to. And that only applies if you include Cllr JoCo's PA telling me that my email has been passed to someone else...

Hey ho, will chase up another day.

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