Monday, 9 March 2009

Budget Day

Well, today's budget day for NCC, full Council meeting where the main (but not only, see here) agenda item is approval or otherwise of the budget.

I say "or otherwise" but of course there's not really any chance of it being thrown out. I do wonder of the slight possibility that the decision to close one of the kids homes being reversed, what with Sam Morton popping in for a chat and all. It depends whether the proposal was a red herring designed to draw fire (i.e they never intended to go through with it) or whether NCC are on one of their frequent macho trips.

Which of course leads me to the Union demo against the cuts in the Market Square at 1pm, which has the uber talented and really rather lovely Ms M as special guest speaker. I'm really hoping she's gonna turn up in a donkey jacket and stand round an authentic 1970s brazier and I'm gonna pop in with me camera to see if I can get a snap or two. Mind you I'd be equally happy if she were to


Its a busy day in the Markey Square today because because there's also a 'birthday party' for the tram on at roughly the same time and apparently Geoff Hoon has been invited. That'll give Sam Morton a run for her money in the autographing stakes I'll be bound. Not really sure how the two events will mix to tell the truth, not least because a record attempt for the largest number of people doing a 'high 5' is planned as part of the celebrations.

Very obvious conspiracy theory alert; maybe NCC organised the tram do on the same day as the full council meeting to deflect attention and to mess up the expected demo against the cuts.

There, I feel better getting that one out. The trouble with being a born conspiracy theorist is that you know that many of them are rediculous but conspiracy theories are like farts. You try and keep them in but occasionally you've got to let one out to relieve the pressure.


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