Saturday, 7 March 2009

More Money Spent on 'Culture' Problems

Hats off again to the 'Post' who have found that NCC have spent another £69,000 on consultants trying to solve the 'culture' problems. This after £30k spent on a report by Hardmoor Associates which was binned at the draft stage.

The new consultants, called Invigor8 (no really. Kind of suggests the use of workshops where 'facilitators' demonstrate the conflicts between workers and manager through the medium of modern dance) have not been doing the same work that Hardmoor did, no siree Bob. The 'Post quotes a council spokesdroid;

"This is a critical piece of work that in no way repeats previous work commissioned by the council, but uses past research to inform the current work to ensure its success."

So its not the same see? Hope thats now clear.

The 'Post' passes on some quotes from a draft report;

"a lack of clarity about purpose, vision, and relationship boundaries (what should we expect from each other?)" and "a need for stronger, more consistent, more visible leadership".

(NCCLOLs translation service; 'nobody's got a fucking clue what they or anybody else is supposed to be doing')

"there is a developing sense of unity and purpose at senior leadership levels".

(NCCLOLs translation service; nobody else wants to get forced out after a row with Jon Collins)

"a healthy desire amongst many leaders to want to recognise any issues and difficulties that exist – and deal with them".

(NCCLOLs translation service has developed a fault; it has become jammed up with bullshit)

The spokesdroid apparently witters on further;

"The initial findings identified that some previously identified issues remain to be fully resolved."

Nooooooo. You don't say? And we all thought it was going so well.

"But Invigor8 issued a clear 'health warning' with these findings acknowledging that change was evident even during their research period, that much had clearly changed already and that change has continued since they conducted their interviews."

Hmmm, thats a lot of 'change'. I think somebody's been reading too many Obama speeches.

So lets sum up the performance of the two sets of consultants then shall we and see what we've learnt today.

Hardmoor Associates; example quote;

"Put simply, this council is dysfunctional."

Anything nice to say? No

Result? Report binned at draft stage, only trousered £30k, sent packing.

Invigor8; example quote;

"a lack of clarity about purpose, vision, and relationship boundaries"

Anything nice to say? Quite a bit actually. See above and also;

"passion, commitment and hard work" of a "willing workforce with high quality individuals".

Result; £69k trousered so far and we're still on board. Trebles and parties on exotic yachts all round!

I think the message to consultants is clear. Slag us off and you get the boot pronto and you'll never work in this town again. Tell us what we want to hear and the gravy train floweth.


Bent Society said...

Excellent Post.

Keep up the expose' of Bent idotocracy Nottingham City Council.

Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah! That's bang on the money! They'll pay as much as they need to, in order to get a report that says what they want. NCC is like the Stalin administration in Soviet Russia: 'as long as it sounds good'.

In Soviet Russia, Jane Todd sack YOU.

Anonymous said...

Here's the original report

Jake said...

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Hey, this blog has great insight.

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