Friday, 13 March 2009

Voice Risk Analysis

Here's an interesting idea, I am now going to briefly draw your attention to something that will almost certainly be future NCC bullshit.

The Liberal Conspiracy blog has been running a series analysing the use of 'Voice Risk Analysis' in benefit administration. Lie detectors to you and me.

The system has been piloted among a small number of Local Authority housing benefit departments with debateable success.

Now, knowing what we know about NCC's generally macho authoritarian nature and tendency to jump on anything to do with bashing working class fraud (as opposed to middle clas and private sector fraud) and 'anti-social' whatever, I'd bet my left buttock that somebody, somewhere in NCC is positively creaming themselves about getting the chance to play with these new toys.

Ok, I admit that was a fairly weak attempt to link what is really a national story with my usual brief but I reckon its worth it as its a big issue in my opinion and will almost certainly reach these shores eventually.

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