Thursday, 5 March 2009

Comprehensive Performance Assessment 2008

The Local Authority 'league tables' for 2008 are out and Nottingham City Council has been judged as a 2 star authority (the max is 4) but is 'improving well'.

As predicted benefits got a 4 despite its accuracy still being utterly shite. But points for accuracy don't make prizes so no point putting any effort into that, as I've written before.

But what I can't work out is how NCC has been judged as 'improving well'. Have a look at the scores via the first link and there's only one individual score for services that has improved, the one for housing and thats only cos they've managed to get rid of a bunch of crooks. We'll leave aside the technicality that housing services aren't actually managed by NCC anymore...

However, the score for use of resources which as far as I can see is a global score for VFM and financial management i.e. pretty important, has actually dropped from 3 last year to 2. So how does 'one service improved, the rest the same but worse use of resources' count as 'improving well'? Especially when the overall score has remained at 2.

Clearly, auditing is a complex black art and is beyond the likes of me...

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