Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Over Sensitivity Alert

I was having a bit of a strop yesterday because the Post seems to be deleting a lot of my comments on articles these days so I decided to email them. Here's part of their reply -

"The only comment of yours we have recently removed, following a complaint that it was in breach of our rules because it was insulting, is this one:

"Gosh! How WILL they survive without this essential cog in the machine? "

which was submitted on April 4 on an article headlined: City's communications head taking unpaid leave."

Note the phrase 'following a complaint'. Is Pugwash keeping tabs on his media mentions while he's bobbing around on the canals? Diddums.

Incidentally, it may be that the Post has a techy fault cos numerous comments have been disappearing and reappearing over the last few days and others have noticed it as well.


Anonymous said...

Strange standards the Evening Post has for their online comments. They'll allow racist insults and irrelevant claptrap until the cows come home but delete a fairly innocuous bit of sarcasm.

Looks like you've fallen victim to the thought police.

Andy said...

Yeah, that's pretty much what I said to them. They've not been back to me...

It's pretty likely that Barker has friends at the Post who he can contact directly and get stuff removed. It's the fact that he'd bother that tickles me.