Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Information Commissioner Monitoring Nottingham City Council

The Information Commissioner has announced that Nottingham City Council is to be monitored having failed to meet one or more 'performance markers' on promptness in dealing with FoI requests.

The press release doesn't mention which marker NCC had failed on but it could have been one of the following; six complaints of lateness in a six month period, significantly exceeding the time limit on one occasion or more or, in the case of authorities that publish their stats on speed of compliance (which NCC doesn't natch), if less than 85% of requests are met on time.

Frankly, NCC would probably have no problem failing the first two markers in my cases alone and the only thing stopping them failing the third one is that they don't publish the data. There's a sort of perverse incentive in there somewhere. Mind you, when NCC were asked for the figures in response to a FoI request they were woefully short of that target.

Still, there's probably little more than a smack on the wrist waiting for them. The last lot subjected to monitoring appear to have been merely asked to 'sign an undertaking'.

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