Monday, 11 April 2011

NCC's Contempt for Freedom of Information is Unravelling

Long term attentive readers with good memories may remember Stephanie Pearson's proud claim to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee last year that NCC had received no decision notices from the Information Commissioner in the previous two years.

Notwithstanding that she was talking rubbish, the case concerning the legal advice on the appropriation of part of the Arboretum was in 2009, things seem to be falling apart now.

Looking at the ICO's list of cases involving NCC, a case popped up barely two months after Ms Pearson's impassioned self-congratulations.

And it gets worse, there has been four decision notices already this year and it's only April.

Minor update - just phoned ICO about one case, it's "...with enforcement, can't tell you any more..."

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