Wednesday, 17 February 2010

On Ya Bike JoCo

M'Colleague Alanadale has got there first with a posting about this but, unfortunately, I think I may have to give him a bit of a reprimand.

You see, Alan has suggested that Jon Collins' announcement that he is going to this year's MIPIM by bike to raise money for charidee is more for the purposes of his own PR.

Oh Alan, such cynicism, I'm shocked. You wouldn't find such a thing going on here and well you know it (stop giggling at the back please).

In fact I can now exclusively reveal why JoCo has decided to take on this monumental task.

Recently, NCC held a public consultation about proposed changes to its budget. I didn't respond. Not because I'm not interested but because it was one of the most incomprehensible, jargon packed and opaque documents I've ever had the misfortune to clap eyes on. Frankly, it made my eyes water.

But I did pick out a couple of interesting tidbits. Head on over to the document and scroll down to page 21. Or, if you find it easier, use the Adobe Reader search function and look for MIPIM.

You will find, hidden in a little corner called 'minor policy', in relation to MIPIM it says -

"Removal of NCC funding"

So you see, the real reason why JoCo is getting on his bike to go to MIPIM is because if he doesn't, he has no other way of getting there. What could be a greater demonstration of the importance of MIPIM to our great leader than the fact that, with his bus fare taken off him, he gets on his bike and goes anyway.

And we all thought it was all about a holiday in the sun. Shame on us all.

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Anonymous said...

I stand shame-faced and corrected. I always knew he was a nice man.