Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Let's Ban Something on Spurious Grounds to Show how Tough We Are

The Post has reported that NCC have decided to ban previously legal graffitti art sites around Nottingham. JoCo apparently believes that having a legal site encourages illegal graffitti and he wants to stop that.

Um, so how well is that going then?

There's nothing like engaging with the kids eh? And no, that really is nothing like engaging with the kids is it?

Update; there's a Facebook group which seems to be serving as a petition.

(photo copyright Alan Lodge, reproduced with permission)

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Anonymous said...

Having just had my knuckles rapped for accusing JoCo of cynicism for his bike ride to Cannes and beginning to think I was wrong about him, I'm now reassured that the slogan on your photo is absolutely accurate.

Some of the urban art around the city (yes, it is art and it's different from scruffy tagging) is the only thing that lifts parts of our inner city areas above the level of being tawdry, mundane and depressing.