Saturday, 27 June 2009

Voluntary Redundancies

Some more interesting stuff coming out of the Freedom of Information requests.

As you'll no doubt be aware NCC are committed to axing over 350 jobs and not recruiting to over 300 vacant posts in order to save money.

They have now responded to a FoI request for details of the number of applications for voluntary redundancy and how many of these have been accepted or refused.

It turns out that there has been a virtual stampede of workers wanting to get shut of the place with 407 requests for voluntary redundancy made up to 30 April. However, only 187 have been accepted with the remaining 220 being refused.

Why so many refused? Are they just being belligerent? Maximise the misery of the budget cuts so that the people who want to leave are made to stay while offloading those who still want to keep their jobs?

Surely they can do better than this.


Anonymous said...

This often happens when crap organisations offer redundancies. They get far more than they expected (cos they're so stupid they don't realise how unhappy everyone is) and then they wake up to the fact that there are loads of people they can't do without. So they make them stay... which of course makes them even unhappier and less motivated. Anyone surprised by this?

Unknown said...

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