Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Hardcore Hardmoor

Largely irrelevant headline but it alliterates and rhymes (sort of) so its gotta be done.

Anyway, the Eve Post has more on the Hardmoor report, apparently Adrienne Roberts tried to get them to change the key message. Its based on some email correspondence they've managed to get hold of.

Is this the gift that just keeps on giving?


Anonymous said...

Having spent a lot of taxpayer's money on this impartial report, it's understandable that - in the best interests of the people of Nottingham - they wanted to water down, abridge, amend, distort and alter the report so that it said they were actually all very nice men and women and were doing an excellent job.

They were only trying to protect us from the nasty truth so as not to make us think the city was being run by a load of unqualified, unskilled, overpaid, inept charlatans.

I think we should applaud their paternal concern for our well being.

Andy said...

Do you think we should sue the Eve Post for traumatisig us all? ;-D