Friday, 5 June 2009

Tram Fallout

Well, I was nearly right about Notts going NOC...

But its in the hands of the Tories. Led by a woman called Cutts! Lets hope that's not a case of nominative determinism.

I don't really consider it my brief to cover County issues normally but the Tories promise to pull out of funding NET phase 2 clearly has a big effect on Nottingham and NCC.

Essentially, as I understand it, a quarter of the funding has to be found locally. The City is proposing to find a chunk of that via the workplace parking levy, the County was to find the rest (there may be other bits and bobs I'm not sure). So if the County do back out, and I can't see them reneging on their headline election pledge, then that leaves the City to pick up the drop, via WPL or otherwise. I suspect this won't be very popular.

So, is it doomed? Anybody know any more about the financial issues over and above my rather Peter and Jane level summary?

Btw, I looked and looked but could not find a Tory manifesto for Notts on the web. Weird.

Update 6 June; encouraging article in the Post.


Anonymous said...

Yeah i know a little, the Tories arnt pulling funding per se, they are using their funding as leverage to secure a changed route, if they dont get a new route that presumably knocks down a few less houses and gets them a few less complaints THEN they may well pull funding

Andy said...

Publicly they were saying they were definitely pulling out, I've added a link to a Post article which quotes extensively from Kay Cutts saying they want more buses instead.

Now they've been elected their public position appears to have been watered down to the 'maybe if the route is changed position'. If that was their true position all along that won't please the nimbys who voted for them.