Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Those HB decision notices again

Further response alert;

"I have taken this matter up with [manager] this morning and been advised that some recent amendments to decision notice letters led to the back page information being left off. The back page contained all the statutory details and appeal information. This was not a deliberate act and was overcome by a seperate A4 sheet containing the information being inserted in envelopes prior to dispatch on a temporary basis. Clearly this system is flawed and yours is just one instance of ommission...

Clearly this is an important issue and needs resolution urgently. I can assure you that appeal rights are well publised normally and an additional exercise is being considered. It is the case that late appeals are dealth with sympathetically as a matter of course but will be additionaly so because of the current issue."

Hmmm, so what do we think? Sounds like bollocks to me. I'm really struggling to understand how altering the template caused everything to fall off the back.

Anyway, in the meantime, if you're unhappy with your benefits decision but didn't appeal for whatever reason put a late appeal in and say that the reason you didn't appeal earlier was that you didn't know you could until you read about it on the super soaraway NCCLOLs blog ;-D

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