Friday, 12 December 2008

New Chief Exec

In the biggest turn up for the books since the sun came up this morning, Jane Todd has got her reward for metaphorically fellating John Collins for the past few months.

Fresh from her emphatic victory over close rival, the Clerk to the Parish Council for Little Pootle on the Wold, Jane said, well nothing of significance really, just the usual blather about looking forward to the challenge and the like. No killer one liner, bit dull really. Nothing to see here.

I tell a lie, the hot news is that NCC gets £20,000 cashback. Yes, Jane seems to have offered herself in a kind of winter sale, only accepting £165k rather then the full fat £185k on offer. What a gal!

Maybe its her share of the £42m still missing in Iceland.


Bent Society said...
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Bent Society said...

Thanks for letting the world know about what is going on in Nottingham. We need help to rescue us from these organised-council criminals. No surprise there then that she is milking the public purse to line her own.

Have you seen Nottingham City Councils latest platitudinous, punterising propaganda - Namely the new "We're on You're Side Logo" plastered over that junk mail we have to pay for called the Nottingham Arrow?

Total madness all paid for by the poor Nottingham tax payer too.


Andy said...

Yup, I seen it, its all over the website too. I think

"We're coming to get you and there's no escape muahhahahaaaaah!!!"

would be more appropriate.

But hey, there's a voucher for the Alley Cafe in there so its not all bad.