Friday, 27 April 2012

Scaremongering A - Go - Go

Good old Nottingham Labour Party.

According to them, not only would a mayor cost £1million, but s/he would inevitably be a racist too! Who knew? Cripes, think of what a terrible mistake we could have all made.

The leaflet has attracted the attention of a pro-mayoral candidate on LabourList and been subjected to a number of pithy put-downs of the '...and most of all, you've let yourself down...' variety. But also pointing out that the BNP don't get any votes in Nottingham. Obviously they don't, voting booths aren't equipped with crayons.

It's not the first time Nottingham Labour have resorted to dirty tricks. Remember their astroturfing escapades at the last local election? I'm sure they're very 'Proud' of themselves.

Btw, there is another debate about whether we should have a mayor on Monday 30 April at 6pm. It's organised by the 'Post' and is being held at the Playhouse. Might see you there.

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